Saturday, 8 September 2007

Truth at last?

The Madeleine McCann saga has dragged on for so long now, it
almost seems as though it can't last much longer. But as
every day of it drags out - we're almost 4 months in now,
don't forget - you surely can't help but think we're getting
closer to the truth. And, much as it stinks to say 'I told
you so', the truth is closer to what's previously been
written on this blog than many have ever liked to believe.

The McCanns (who, in a twisty-turny sort of way, have
insisted on staying in Portugal until Maddie is found, then
changed their mind and decided to return to the UK, then
have insisted they are not interested in revenge on
'smear-campaign' Portuguese newspapers, before choosing to
threaten legal action if said newspapers utter a word that
could be construed as questioning the McCann's version of
'what happened') are now suspects in the case of their own
daughter's disappearance.

Of course, the UK media would never dare to question Kate
and Gerry McCanns' undying innocence, would they? The Sun
today brands as 'sick' the police decision to name Kate as a
suspect - because, of course, a parent can never possibly
have any role in child abuse. Because, of course, we live in
a world where every parent is perfect at being just that - a
parent. Have we really become so infatuated with
middle-class yummy-mummy Kate, and husband Gerry, that we
are unable to accept the police's suspicion of them as
perputators, if there is evidence to support that? If we
were talking about anyone else as the suspect here, the
media response would be entirely different. But we have
become so overrun with sympathy for the McCanns, not for any
real reason other than that we think that's how we should
act, that we become unable to question anything they do.

Of course, we can seek solace in the fact that this is the
Sun's reporting that we're talking about here. The other
lead story on their web site, at the time of writing, reads
'Abbey Serves Up Treat In Saucy Undies: Picture Special'.
So, yes, they really do care about Madeleine - not an ounce
of sensationalism going on, you understand.


Clepsidra said...

A prayer from Portugal to the McCann family. We believe in you. God will protect you.

Anonymous said...

What's a perputator?