Friday, 29 June 2007

Spice Fever

So, the Spice Girls are to reform for a 25-date international tour that will hit London on December 15th. While certain journalists turn conspiracy theorists to shakily conclude that the announcement was designed by the so-called 'Tory scum' Spice Girls to upstage Gordon Brown on his first day as PM, the girls themselves have insisted that they're only regrouping for the experience and 'for the fans'. Nothing to do with the £10 million they'll each pocket from it, then!


Steve Allen said...

He'll get his own back. On the day of the Spice Girls' first gig expect "Gordon Brown Sings Country Classics" to hit the shops. See how they like them apples.

Chris said...

It's got to make number one surely? I'll do my bit and grab a copy the second it's out!!

Welcome to the blog, Steve - based on your show, I can't see much of the political stuff is likely to float your boat, but I'm sure I'll manage to squeeze something in about 'prostitute' Big Brother contestants at some point. I know you love 'em.