Sunday, 13 May 2007

Brown v Cameron: Round 1

Okay, I admit it. Unable to sleep, I caught the start of Sunday AM on BBC1 this morning. This is an unusual occurrence for me - political TV programmes aren't usually my thing, though a bit of Jeremy Paxman's grilling around election time is never a bad thing - but it gave me the chance to see Gordon Brown in action.
So what is there to report? Not a lot really, except that he sounded dangerously Thatcher-like as he talked about what was effectively stakeholder democracy - that view that says possession of property guarantees a desire to work for society's good.
He certainly didn't impress on me anything that might have me change my view; that he's as worthy as any politician and likely to continue the Blair legacy, but still lacks the charisma that his soon-to-be-predecessor has by the bucketload. But that doesn't seem to have affected public opinion much so far - Brown's imminent takeover has pushed Labour's up hold on the polls by 3%, meaning the party is now only trailing Cameron's Tories by four points. Will Brown prove popular enough to regain the lead? We can only wait and see.

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